Programa de recompensas por lealtad

Join our Glambox Jewels rewards program and save on future purchases. This is our way of rewarding you for your loyalty!

Click on the Jewel Rewards widget (button left) to sign up.

How it works?  Earn 1 jewel (point) for every $1 spent on purchases, plus earn rewards for signing up, your birthday, and social media and friend referrals.  

Ways to earn Jewels:  

Place an order

1 Jewel 💎 for every $1 spent

Signup  300 Jewels  💎 
Birthday 250 Jewels  💎 
Follow on Instagram 50 Jewels    💎 
Follow on Facebook  50 Jewels    💎 
Like Facebook Page 50 Jewels    💎 
Share on Facebook 50 Jewels    💎 

Referrals: Earn more jewels by referring your friends.  Earn a $5 off coupon once your friend places the first order.

Ways to Redeem Jewels: 

Jewels earned can be redeem for discounts on future purchases and/or free shipping.  See options below:

 Free Shipping* 200 Jewels 💎 
$5 off coupon* 150 Jewels 💎 
$10 off coupon* 300 Jewels 💎 
$20 off. coupon  500 Jewels 💎 

*Minimum order amount required to redeem Jewels*

Customers do not need to create an online account to earn jewels. They will have access their rewards without an account.  However, an account must be created to redeem jewels.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to us via chat, by completing the Contact form, or simply email us at